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I completed a BA(hons) in Fashion Design in 2001 at Nottingham Trent University, and then started work as an embroidery designer. Appliqué work within embroidery introduced me to lasers and CadCam Technology. Thanks to my strong CAD skills and textile background I was able to become involved with a new type of laser machine, the Graphixscan. My personal interest in the effects of the laser made me very keen to explore all of the possibilities of the machinery. The natural progression was to extend my range of knowledge to the flat bed type of laser machine, which offers greater flexibility to the creative industries.

The pleasure of educating artists that I gained from introducing lasers to a number of universities sparked a move to the University of the West of England as a Research Technician. Here the primary focus of my work was delivering CPD courses to teachers, artists and those using lasers in industry. When not leading these workshops I worked with practising artists making use of the three laser machines within the Centre for Fine Print Research.

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Alongside my work at UWE I have been involved with student projects at other universities. My hopes with this work was to inspire the next generation of laser users to think creatively and challenge what has already been done. This work is done in conjunction with the universities' technical instructor and consequently educates and gives them confidence in handling the technology.

To date I have worked with:-

The Nottingham Trent University
Manchester Metropolitan University
CIRIC at Swansea Metropolitan University
The University of Ulster
The University of the West of England
Metropolitan Works at The London Metropolitan University
London COllege of Fashion
Heriot-Watt University
Coventry University
Bath Spa University

Janet Stoyel
Charlotte Hodes
Antony Lyons
Lesley Dill
Rachel Nee
Jenny Smith
Sumi Perera
Sue Gregor
Su Blackwell

Bowman Stor
WL Gore
GPX Group

Guilford Europe Ltd



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