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Paper Cuts

The medium of paper lends itself extremely well to creative work with lasers, as there are a huge varieties of textures, weights and tones that can be experimented with, resulting in many interesting effects and finishes.

All of the paper cut work here is produced on CO2 lasers of between 10 and 50watts. A focused laser beam can produce a line of about 0.1mm.

Adobe Illustrator is used as the design program to create the vector files necessary for the programming of the machinery.

Extensive testing has been done on various makes and weights of paper in order to exaggerate or minimise the burn marks.

Laser cut somerset paper'Edo Kado', 150cm x 100cm, 400gsm Somerset, £80

'Digital Mistake', 23cm x 23cm, 200gsm paper, SOLD
digital mistake

laser cut paper'Waffle', 23cm x 23cm, available in various colours, £65

More work coming soon...


Tuesday, 13 October, 2009

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